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Furies of Calderon Codex Alera Book 1

Furies of Calderon (The Codex Alera, #1) - Jim Butcher Full review at SFF Book ReviewI really enjoyed this book despite a number of concerns. It is mostly generic epic fantasy, set in a medieval world called Alera where people bond with the furies - elementals - and an impending war threatens their peace. Cursor Amara and farmboy Tavi set out on an adventure to prevent the worst.It is mostly due to Jim Butcher's great writing that I didn't get bored with this. I rooted for the characters and was fascinated by the people of the Marat and their customs - if I had had a say in it, the entire book would have been about them. But the magic system was also up my alley and made me want to learn more about furycrafting.Some of the characters and subplots were unnecessary, in my opinion, or unnecessarily drawn out. And some of the action scenes felt like they were just there to keep the readers from getting bored. Thrilling as they were to read, I like books where every scene serves a purpose and I can feel all the little puzzle pieces fall together at the end. This was not one of those books.This is a farmboy rises to save his kingdom book. Nonetheless, it is worth the read and it definitely gave me a hunger for more adventures in Alera.