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Prometheus Bound (Dover Thrift Editions)

Prometheus Bound - Aeschylus, George Thomson Full review at SFF Book Review.While I consider this the weakest instalment of Robin Hobb's trilogy of trilogies, I can't deny that anything the woman writes is beautiful. The language is precise, yet gorgeous, the characters don't need introduction at this point.But as the plot goes, it was pretty weak, and most of the book is spent setting up events that are probably going to happen in the next - and final - volume in the Tawny Man trilogy. There were some action-filled moments and even though I've never needed a lot of fast-paced action to be happy with a book, the conversations, intrigue, and introductions of new characters became tedious very fast.So all of that said, instead of a fantastically great book, this is merely a very good one.