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Kushiel's Avatar (Phèdre's Trilogy #3) - Jacqueline Carey Full review at SFF Book Review.I cannot stress enough how much I loved Kushiel's Dart. The second book already was a let-down because there was very little of what made the first book so great. Phèdre's exceptional gift is nothing new anymore, neither is the world Jacqueline Carey has created - magnificent as it may be.In this novel, I was very happy to get to know the character of Imriel. He lifted the entire story for me. But there was even less of the great things from the previous volumes. Almost no Melisande, almost no Hyacinthe, and way too much travelling.I'd recommend reading it if you absolutely have to know how certain plot threads are resolved. But as the trilogy goes, it has been getting worse and worse for me. I honestly hope that in the Imriel trilogy, Jacqueline Carey has an actual story to tell, not just a world to travel around in...