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Tailchaser's Song

Tailchaser's Song - Tad Williams Full review, as always, over at the SFF Book Review.I wish I could say something more positive, but other than creating likeable characters and making them have an average Tolkien-esque adventure, there isn't much to redeem this book. If you can't get enough of the Lord of the Rings and would like to read a cat-version of a generic fantasy adventure, this is for you.Tad Williams is a good writer but in this debut novel of his, he clearly hadn't found his own style yet. This is not a bad book at all, it's just not enough for somebody who reads mostly fantasy and can thusly predict the outcome of the plot by chapter 3. Personally, the ending was a bit too much deus ex machina. And then we were still not finished. I like the style and I cared about Fritti Tailchaser, that orange cat with the star-shaped white spot on his forehead, but I would have preferred more character-development and more interactions with the great side characters, instead of following a generic plot.6/10 points