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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay Full review at SFF Book ReviewWho would have thought this book would break my heart?Not expecting very much, mostly looking forward to the illustrations, I started reading what seemed to be a predictable tale of a young boy and his cancer-stricken mother. Who gets visits by a monster. While this is how it starts out, the story grew - and on very few pages - to something much bigger and more touching. I found myself caring about Conor and wanting his mother to get better.I found I liked the monster and Conor's no-longer-friend Lily. I even managed to care about the grandmother and the absentee father. A book, small as it may be, peopled with so many great characters already is an easy win for me.But there is also a story to be discovered. I will keep this rather vague because discovering the truth - and throwing away all your wrong guesses in between - is a large part of the fun of this book. If you can call it fun. I read this calmly for the most part, only to become fully and shockingly emotional towards the end. I am a book cryer but usually I see these moments coming. Not here. I didn't know I was suddenly going to care so much. And while I predicted part of the ending, it was the details that made it perfect. Highly recommended. All young adult books should be written this well and have a message this hopeful.