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Going Dutch

Going Dutch - Katie Fforde Full review at SFF Book ReviewWow! Thanks to Luke (of the SFBRP podcast) I gave this omnibus a try and I was just as blown away as he was. Hugh Howey creates a lot of atmosphere and makes characters come to life on very few pages.What's left of humanity lives in an underground silo and whenever somebody commits a terrible crime, they are sent outside into the toxic amotsphere, equipped only with a suit to keep them alive as long as possible and a few patches of wool - to clean the camera lenses, the only window to the outside world.I am still impressed by how much I came to care about these characters, how thrilled I was at times to see them succeed or find out a bit of imformation. I wanted to know just as badly what the hell is going on and how people ended up in that silo in the first place. Some of these questions are answered, most answeres left me with my mouth open and whispering "no way". I can't wait to start on the sixth volume in the series.This is definitely a highlight of the year for me.