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The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon (Dreamblood #1) - N.K. Jemisin Full review over at SFF Book ReviewAfter falling in Love with The Broken Kingdoms and N. K. Jemisin's writing style, I was disappointed in this book. Sure, she writes as beautifully as ever and the theological system she has set up in the city of Gujaareh was nothing short of brilliant. I would have liked to see more of it, though. And I would have loved to have deeper characters. The only one I could in any way get close to was Nijiri. Ehiru and especially Sunandi felt very bland to me. If I don't like the characters, a book has already lost. I will read the second part, mostly because I hope to get everything out of it that was missing here. More detail about everyday life with this Hananjan faith, more character depth and development, more emotion.