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Jenna Starborn

Jenna Starborn - Sharon Shinn Full review at SFF Book ReviewI love Jane Eyre. So any retelling would have a hard time convincing me - but the science fiction idea tickled my fancy and I dove right in.This is a good book that stays very true to the original. Perhaps too much so. While the story of Jenna Starborn and Mr. Ravenbeck is almost as enchanting as that of the original Jane Eyre, there wasn't anything new brought to the table. The science fiction element was, to say the least, disappointing and took a background role.It's worth the read but rather than a sci-fi version of Jane Eyre, this is just another Jane Eyre with a couple of hovercars and a space ship thrown in. Personally, I didn't feel the repercussions a society like this should have on characters and everyday life.